Atheist Quotes: Famous Atheism

The following is meant to be a complete repository of the finest and most poignant quotes about atheism (though not necessarily all are by solid atheists). Some of these famous atheist quotes are certainly harsher and more deriding than others, covering the damage caused by religion, the implausibility of religion and God, the separation of church and state, and many more aspects of the non-religious viewpoint. Please let me know if I’m missing any important words from any famous atheists, and do please contact me if I have misquoted or made an error in attribution.

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Abu’l‐Ala al Ma’arri

Albert Einstein

Alexander Loutsis

Alexandre Dumas

Andy Rooney

Annie Wood Besant


Arthur C. Clarke

Azura Skye

Benjamin Franklin

Bertrand Russell

Bill Hicks

Bill Maher

Blaise Pascal

Bryan Emmanuel Gutierrez

Carl Sagan

Carlespie Mary Alice McKinney

Chapman Cohen

Charles Darwin

Charlie Chaplin

Christopher Hitchens

Clarence Darrow

Dan Fouts

Daniel Boorstin

Dave Barry

David J. Constable

David Stevens

David Viaene

Delos B. McKown

Don Hirschberg

Doug McLeod

Douglas Adams

Edgar Allan Poe

Edward Abbey


Eric Hoffer

Ernest Hemingway

Francis Bacon

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frater Ravus

Friedrich Nietzsche

Galileo Galilei

Gene Roddenberry

Geoff Mather

George Bernard Shaw

George Carlin

George W. Foote

Giulian Buzila

Huang Po

Isaac Asimov

Jack Pritchard

James Madison

James Morrow

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Jim Crawford

John Buchan

Karen Armstrong

Karl Marx

Ludwig Feuerbach

Mark Fairclough

Matthew Arnold

Mark Twain

Mike Fuhrman

Oscar Wilde

Penn and Teller

Penn Jillette

Richard Dawkins

Richard A. Weatherwax

Rick Reynolds

Robert A Heinlein

Robert G. Ingersoll

Robert Pirsig

Ronnie Snow

Ryan Hanson

Sam Harris

Seneca the Younger

Sigmund Freud

Stephen Hawking

Stephen King

Stephen Roberts

Steve Buscemi (in “The Island”)

Steven Colbert

Steven Crocker

Steven Weinberg

Susan B. Anthony

Thomas Edison

Thomas Jefferson


William Drummond

Woody Allen